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What is an Ethereum Rich marketing event?

An Ethereum rich (ER) marketing events is ER token giveaway where our blockchain project gives the community free coins/tokens to introduce the provided services. We are opening various programs to giving away free ER token into our beloved participants. Participants will get free ER token from joining, referring, writing, or voting on our marketing event programs. an Ethereum Rich marketing event programs will be closed if Ethereum rich token reached 0 supply. Even that, participants is available to withdrawn ER token at anytime. an Ethereum Rich marketing events is also act as loyalty rewards for the early adopters in the projects.

In order to receive an ER token, you need a wallet that supports the ER token. In this cases the ER token are built with the Ethereum ERC20 standard and common wallets such as MyEtherWallet address can be used to receive the ER token. Airdrops are a great way to build an initial audience for an upcoming ICO. To joining ER token Airdop, participants should fill up Airdrop form, like and follow our social media, and share/retweet our social media posts. participants is also need to pay small transfer fee (gas fee) to withdraw ER token into participants wallet.



Why Ethereum rich ICOs are giving away free ER token in their marketing events?

Good question!
We are giving away ER token to build our community and educate crypto investors and enthusiasts about our project so you might potentially invest and contribute in it later down the road. Airdrops are a good way to get an engaged community to test, develop and market new projects with limited marketing capacity.
While you aren’t spending money to receive free ER token, you are spending a little time and contributing your social capital to the project. For this reason - even if we are working hard to make the best projects - it is always advisable to do your own research before joining our project.
In short: Airdrop is a marketing and implementation mechanism for an ICOs.



How to get money from ER marketing event?
You can sell ER token on cryptocurrency exchange later. Our free token aren’t different from other cryptocurrency coins. You won’t be able to convert the free token into Bitcoin, Ethereum, other cryptos or fiat until ER token listed on an exchange. 



When ER token got listed on an exchange?
We will start to listing ER token on many exchange after ICO sale is ended. However, there will be a special exchange for investors during ICO sale.



Why should I to send gas fee to receiving my free ER token into my ERC20 wallet?

Honestly, Ethereum Rich doesn't covering gas fee for distributing free ER token from marketing event programs.

Every participant need to send small gas fee to withdrawing ER token into ERC20 wallet.


I've been paid transfer fee (gas fee), but why my ER token is not arrived at my wallet?
Please make sure you are following current marketing event requirement and task to get your free ER token. If you sure that you are already done that but you still didn't received your ER token into your wallet after 72 hours, please contact us immediately.


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